Athletic Hall of Fame Nominations

The Manhattan College Athletic Hall of Fame was created to honor those who have made significant contributions to the College through the field of athletics. The Hall of Fame is sponsored by the Manhattan College Alumni Society. Nominations to the Athletic Hall of Fame may be made by anyone. The Alumni Office and Athletic Department will attempt to assist those making nominations by allowing access to athletic department records and the Manhattan College archives to enable the nominator to complete the autobiography. See a letter from the archivist about available resources.

Who is Eligible?

Membership in the Athletic Hall of Fame is gained through election by the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee and is open to individuals who fall under one or more of the following non-exclusive categories:

  • An alumnus or alumna (hereinafter “alumnus”) who, as an academically qualified student, participated in the College’s athletic program and whose class received a degree at least ten (10) or more years prior to his or her candidacy.
  • Athletic directors, coaches and athletic staff preferably those with at least five (5) and ideally ten (10) years of service to the College.
  • Friends and alumni of the College who have regularly enhanced interest in, and the success of, Manhattan College athletics as reflected by their career body of work.

Nomination Process

  1. Using the application link provided below, a succinct biographical profile should be submitted prior to the prescribed deadline. This profile should contain as much pertinent information about the nominee’s athletic contribution as warranted without resorting to repetition. For example, there is no need to attach multiple clippings documenting the same individual accomplishment.
  2. The person making the nomination should personally present each nominee’s credentials to the Committee at its meeting which usually takes place in June. Presentations are expected to adhere to a five minute time limit. Other individuals may then make brief supporting statements. A copy of the nominee’s application will be distributed to all members of the Committee prior to this meeting.
  3. The selection of inductees will take place after sufficient discussion has taken place. At the conclusion of these statements, committee members will select current year’s inductees by closed ballot.
  4. Up to eight (8) candidates with the highest vote totals can be inducted into the Hall in one ballot. Three (3) candidates with the next highest totals will automatically be re-nominated the following year. There is no limitation as to the number of times a person may be nominated.

If you have any questions regarding the nomination and selection process for the Manhattan College Hall of Fame, please feel free to contact Joe Ryan '81, Athletic Hall of Fame Committee Chairperson, at

Download the Nomination Packet