Jaspers Committed to Attending 50th Anniversary

With registration moving forward, the number of Golden Anniversary Jaspers planning to attend Reunion Weekend continues to grow each day. If you don't see an old friend on this list, please encourage them to attend! For more information or to join the committee, please contact any of the co-chairs or the Alumni Relations office.

The following members of the Class of 1964 have expressed their commitment to attend.
(May 15, 2014)

Bill Alger (c)

Cyrus Bacchi

Ray Banker

Edward Bowes

Joe Boyle (c)

Stan Buraczynski (c)

John Cahill

Sean Cannon

John Caruso

Anthony Contrino (c)

Terry Crowe

John Dolly

James Donnelly

John Donnelly

Steve Ehrmann (c)

John Falvey

Bob Finnerty

Ed Fiorelli (c)

Carlos Guerra

Jay Hamilton

Marty Hannon

John Henry (c)

Thomas Hermann

Kenneth Hesselbacher

Carl Hoegler

Bill Horn (co-chair)

Ken Johnston

Andy Joyce

John Kakos

John Lee

Roger LoMenzo (c)

Arthur Lyons

Rich Malus (c)

Tom Mancuso

Charles Markey

Anthony Marra (c)

Joe Martin

Bob Mattis (c)

Vin McArdle

Dan McAuliffe

Mike McMorrow (co-chair)

Frank Mennona

Nick Montalto

Bill Moran (c)

Jim Mullan (c)

Tom Murray (c)

Joe Nahas

Thomas Olszewski

Frank Parra

Gino Parlanti

Anthony Pelosi

Rich Purcell

Gerry Reidy (c)

Richard Reidy

John Roche (c)

Richard Rodrigue

Carmine Salvo

Rich Scarlata (co-chair)

Jack Scholle

Tom Sheridan

Martin Siebold

Laurence Simpson

Bill Staderman (c)

John Stout (c)

John J.A. Sullivan (c)

Pete Sweeney (co-chair)

Jim Teevan (c)

Dave Thompson

Dick Tobin

Bernie Toseland

Stephen Troy

Ray Whitbread

Joe Willmore

George Wilson (c)

Jim Wynne

Kam Yuen


(c) indicates reunion committee member

(co-chair) incidcates reunion committee co-chair