Sr. Joan Hartnett, O.P., Ph.D

Distinguished Lasallian Educator 2008-09

It is my distinct pleasure to present to you this year’s Distinguished Lasallian Educator, Sr. Joan Harnett of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. 
In ten years that she has been on this faculty, Sr. Joan has been an outstanding teacher, scholar, and colleague. In the classroom she has the ability to convey advanced material in both mathematics and computer science and she challenges her students to produce their best work. The fruits of her labor are found in several database programs that the students have created and subsequently donated to charitable organizations. Outside the classroom, she is always available to help; in fact, she spends so much time conducting office hours that we have begun to charge her rent. As a teacher, she has the gift of being able to touch and inspire our students, making them better scholars, and more importantly, better people. 
As a colleague, she has been very valuable resource for faculty in a number of disciplines. Her expertise in applied mathematics and computer science has enabled her to collaborate in a significant way with faculty in areas as diverse as biology and engineering. As with her students, she is generous with her time and her talents. 
To those of us who know her well, she brings a dedication, a sense of humor and that rarest commodity of all, common sense. Over the past several years we have spent considerable time debating the meaning of Lasallian. I am happy to report that in Sr. Joan Harnett we have the embodiment of what it means to be Lasallian. 
Dr. Tom Smith
Math & Science Department