Richard Cardinale

Distinguished Lasallian Administrative Personnel 2011-12

Richard Cardinale began his official employment at Manhattan College on September 28, 1987, but that was only a continuation of his already long association with the school. His initial introduction to Manhattan College was through the external audit firm of O’Connor Davies, where he had served on the audit team for the college since 1974.   In his tenure at MC he has worn many hats, including Internal Auditor, Bursar and Controller as well as his current title of Associate Controller.  In his position as bursar, and currently as associate controller, he has always been willing to help out a student in need, either explaining their own finances or those of the club they are asking about. Richie’s love for the college and his attention to the details of college operations is legendary.  He is always looking out for the best interests of the College and doing all he can to save money and help the College run more efficiently.  I am sure there are a few of you out there that have gotten a phone call about the price of the batteries you bought, or the price of the water on your food service catering bills. There is also a story about some controversy regarding pens being disposed of before they were completely out of ink, but you will have to ask Lisa Jucaj, his fellow LaSallian, for more details on that. Every penny counts because it is the students’ money that we are spending and he never loses sight of that fact.  His knowledge of the history of Manhattan College proves invaluable in the day to day operations of the Controller’s Office as well for those who call with questions about various aspects of their own department’s finances. He has been a friend and mentor to many who have come through the Controller’s Office and we are all better people and accountants because of him.
Richie’s volunteer spirit is just as strong as his work ethic.  He was a Boy Scout leader for over 10 years, supervising his son from Cub Scout through Eagle Scout. Having 3 boys in Scouts myself I can tell you firsthand what a demanding and thankless job that can be, Richie did it with his usual good nature and smarts. He volunteers every year to serve the students their Christmas meal and donates to (as well as purchases from) the LOVE garage sales whenever they are held. Over the years Richie has contributed to the spirit on campus in many ways.  Back in the day, he used to organize “Happy Hour” at Plato’s for the employees, as well as bring his own tent to the picnic to keep everyone out of the sun. His love of Manhattan and his love of golf converge in his annual participation in the Jasper Open.  Richie would do anything for the College and its employees, from getting down on his hands and knees and scrubbing the carpet in the office to accompanying a co-worker to the hospital in an ambulance. When Ann O’Connor left our office recently Richie made the entire office lunch, stuffed shells and pork ala Aldo. His sausage and peppers are legendary and each staff appreciation week we look forward to another delicious lunch prepared with love. Last year for Christmas he gave us cookie jars filled with cookies he had made himself. Unfortunately, Richie had to stop making the office his waffles with sausage and bacon breakfast because the aroma was such a distraction to the other offices and classrooms in Miguel Hall.  There is a rumor out there that he may be getting his own show on the Archdiocese channel, “LaSallian Cooking with Rich.”
Family is important to Richie, his own family as well as his College family.  He is married to Sharon and has three children Shauna, Rick and Christina all of whom attended Manhattan College.  Sharon graduated from the Degree Completion program in 2003.  He is a proud father in law to Shauna’s husband Patrick and Rick’s wife Silvia and doting grandfather to Ryan 6, Keira 3 and baby Victoria Christina who just turned 6 months old. In addition he is a big animal lover especially his 2 cats, BooBoo and Snowflake as well as his beloved grand-dog Nikki who is 7 years old. Richie has had a spirited rivalry with his brother George about basketball.  George you see is Fordham alum (boo) and before he moved to Ohio they had a standing date to watch “The Battle of the Bronx” each year whether it was in Draddy or at Fordham.  We all know that which is the right side of that battle and the Jaspers lead the series 53-50.
When we had Br. Francis 50th anniversary celebration a few years ago we were sitting at the table in Smith and Richie remarked, “We must be doing something right to have so many people stay so long.” It is because of people like Richard Cardinale that people come to Manhattan College and stay for many years.  Congratulations Richie on being awarded the Distinguished LaSallian Administrative Award for 2011.