Patricia Stone

Distinguished Lasallian Staff Member 2011-12

Patricia Stone came to work at Manhattan College in January of 1996. Pat was working part-time at St. John Neumann Residence in the Dean of Students Department. Pat had previously worked for the Riverdale YMCA in the membership Department and she started her career working as an administrative assistant for several VP’s at ABC (American Broadcasting Company). Ironically Pat initially applied to work in the HR Department but her skill set at the time was a perfect match for the Controllers Office.  Richard Cardinale (our other Lasallian Award Recipient) called the HR office to say “Thanks for sending us Pat she is great”.   A few years later a Human Resources position opened and this time when she applied, we snatched her right up.  Oh, sorry, more appropriately, we welcomed her to our team!
Pat Stone is the daughter of Eleanor and William Hartnett. She is the oldest of three children. Her siblings are Jane and William. Pat is married to James Stone, retired NYPD and recently retired from Bristol Myers. Pat and Jim have three children KerriAnn, Kelly and James. All of Pat’s children are very accomplished and two, Kelly and James graduated from Manhattan College. KerriAnn graduated from Fairfield University and is an executive at Glamour Magazine; Kelly is an RN at New York Hospital and James is a Physical Education Teacher at an Elementary School here in the Bronx. Pat and Jim are very proud of their children. Pat is very family orientated and loves to spend time with her family. We loved to hear about Pat’s vacations with her family in Lavellet, New Jersey during the summers. Pat hated driving across the George Washington Bridge and would get up at the crack of dawn so she would not have to deal with traffic. 
Pat worked diligently to complete her bachelor’s degree while working full-time, being a wife, mother and devoted daughter. She would have to stop taking classes due to family obligations but she would always go back and never gave up. Many days Pat would give up her lunch hour to go to the library and study. She would stress over her grades but would always end up with an A. We are proud to announce that this year; Pat completed her bachelor’s degree with a Bachelor of Science and was inducted into Epsilon Sigma Pi Honor Society and graduated from Manhattan College Magna Cum Laude.
Pat has many talents. She can make anything look beautiful; she has an eye for design and is very crafty. Martha Stewart has nothing on our Pat. Just ask all of the staff that have walked away with some of her creative designs at Staff Week. Pat makes floral arrangements, chocolates and hand painted wine glasses. You name it she can do it! She should have her own show on HGTV. Pat also has a passion for fashion. She is always dressed impeccably. She loves clothes and shoes and we don’t want to go into detail but when Pat arrives at Lord and Taylor they role out the Red Carpet!  
You would not know it to look at her but Pat has a wicked sense of humor. Vicki was having a problem with squirrels in the attic in her apartment and one day when she came in to work there were pictures of squirrels in nice little frames sitting on her desk. Every time Vicki looked up there was another squirrel looking at her!! 
Pat has worked at Manhattan College for 15 years and we as her co-workers consider ourselves lucky to work with her.  She is a member of the Diversity Committee and brings all her skills and talents to the events. She coordinates Staff Week and it is a labor of love for Pat. She spends hours and hours making gifts on her own time and she goes to local store owners asking for gift cards for our employees. 
Others in the community admire Pat and some comments are:  “She is a devoted Catholic, wife, mother and friend. Pat is always willing to go above and beyond to help when she can”.   Pat is the first person that applicants meet when they come to Manhattan College.  Whether she is setting up an interview or greeting people who arrive for interviews she is friendly, puts people at ease, helpful, always respectful and very professional.  When a new employee begins work at Manhattan College Pat is encouraging and promises to be available whenever they need help or advice.   Pat emphasizes the real meaning of our Lasallian Mission respect and a strong belief for all individuals in an inclusive and caring community.  Pat, congratulations on receiving the Distinguished Lasallian Staff Award.