Patricia Crimmins

Distinguished Lasallian Educator 2009-10

Patricia Crimmins came to Manhattan College via the Archdiocese of New York and LaSalle Provincialate. As a senior in high school, naturally a senior at St. Jean Baptiste in New York City, she worked part-time in the Archdiocesan Office of Education; upon graduation she started working full-time as a secretary to the Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese. Pat has literally worked for Catholic Education throughout her entire professional career. 
After the birth of her children, Pat returned to the workplace part time- one day a week—in the Archdiocesan Office of Education. Brother Christopher Dardis, then supervisor of Schools, met Pat and had the good sense to ask her to come to work for him, that one day a week, at his office in La Salle Provincialate. Recognizing her unique talents- Pat is a wonderful typist and organizer, he successfully stole her away from the Archdiocese and never regretted it. Brother has said, “Pat could do more work in one day, than most could do in one week.”
When Brother Christopher came to Manhattan in 1970, once again he asked Pat to come with him and – so- that is how she arrived here in 1970—working one day a week in the Education Department. 
In 1979, she started working full time as a Senior Secretary in Graduate Education Division; in 1988 she moved to the Admissions Department, where she literally ran the Graduate Admissions Program. Always dependable, hard working, diligent and responsible, she supervised the office with great care and concern. In 1998, she assumed the title of Office Manager for Admissions, until 1991, when she was appointed Administrative Assistant to the Vice Presidents of Finance/Facilities and Mission.  One must add that because of her marvelous skills, her knowledge, common sense, professionalism, and her ever-willingness to help others, she has been asked by former Presidents and Vice Presidents to fill-in their offices when needed. 
This wonderful lady is the loving wife of Tom for forty-six years, the devoted and caring mother of twins: Karen and Kevin and son, Thomas, and doting grandmother to Kyle, Jack, Courtney, Gavin, Logan and McKenzie. 
Pat is always ready to listen; she is sympathetic to the needs of others. She is a woman faithful to her Church and Community and, most especially, to Lasallian ideals and commitments. She has given of her time and talents to the Lasallian Committee as a volunteer. The Lasallian Committee agrees that Pat’s dedication and devotion to Manhattan College, her spirit of faith and community, and her genuinely self-effacing generosity, truly reflect the qualities worthy of Lasallian Staff Award for 2009-2010.