Dr. Walker Saukin

Distinguished Lasallian Educator 1999-2000

Since coming to Manhattan in 1977, you have exemplified those traits so evident in the life and vision of Saint John Baptist de la Salle: quality in teaching as a vocation, orientation to the practical, concern for each student as a person to bring out the full potential of each and, above all, selfless commitment to the educational service of the disadvantaged. You are known to be an energetic teacher, a collaborative department chair, a zealous recruiter for engineering students, sacrificing personal time to speak at local high schools and community colleges to promote engineering as a career. Most important, from a Lasallian point of view, is your support for minority students and the initiatives you have taken to help them succeed. Since 1978, you have played a crucial role in developing programs for minority students in the School of Engineering. You devote quality time to these special students individually, while working actively with the campus chapters of black and Hispanic engineering societies. Beyond the College, you participate in Sunday and summer programs to prepare young teenagers to succeed in college courses in engineering, always attentive to those most in need. In short, you are an educator who is both distinguished and genuinely Lasallian.