Dr. Nevart E. Wanger

Distinguished Lasallian Educator 1997-98

Since 1966 you have been a dedicated and valuable contributor to the academic mission of the College, notably through your versatility in both French and Italian that makes your classes so outstanding. You have given remarkable service as Department Chair, Director of the Study-Abroad Programs, and by your contributions to so many academic and faculty committees. Your concern for the welfare of the College as a community, both in and out of the classroom, keeps alive the Lasallian tradition of association in the educational enterprise. You are proud to be part of the worldwide Lasallian network, bringing students to visit Lasallian sites in Europe, as you continue to seek possibilities for international cooperation among Lasallian schools. In the authentic Lasallian spirit of zeal, your tireless energy and eagerness lead you to spend endless hours sharing your time and talent in student guidance and in the organization of club activities and cultural programs to broaden the educational experience of the students. Above all, the Lasallian spirit of faith is evident in your love for the students and in the high ethical and moral standard you present to them, a model to be admired and imitated.