Dr. Moujalli Hourani

Distinguished Lasallian Educator 2004-05

Moujalli Hourani is one of the most energetic and passionate faculty members at Manhattan College. His incredible level of energy is well known in the School of Engineering. When most of us are still in bed, he has already started his day at school. He routinely opens up the Leo Engineering building at about 6 a.m. He starts teaching at 7:30 a.m. and is usually one of the last people to leave at the end of the evening. He often organizes tutorials at 8 in the morning and there is always 100% participation.
Moujalli brings to the classroom his passion for teaching and his enthusiasm for Civil Engineering. He exudes that same passion in his role as chairman of the civil engineering department. He is active in the professional and honor societies both on- and off-campus and in his community. He adds a personal touch in all of these activities.
Moujalli Hourani is a very special person. He gets to know, really know, every single student in his department (and many outside of his department) when they are still first-year students. He shows a deep interest in not only the students, but his colleagues as well. He is warm and giving and would do anything to help anyone. There are no mind games with Moujalli. He is honest and never bashful in expressing his opinions.
Even with all the energy he brings to Manhattan, Moujalli is completely devoted to his family. The way he smiles and the warmth he exudes when he talks about his wife or his children show his love for them. Moujalli’s daughter, Stephanie, is autistic. Because he knows how much she has overcome and achieved, she is his inspiration.
Moujalli believes that every human being, regardless of who they are and whether they are disadvantaged or not, deserves the best education. It is their right. After all, he believes that every human being is a child of God, and we are all equal.
Moujalli’s faith is an integral part of his life. Not only does he go to church regularly, but he also has a very special relationship with God. He would not be Mouujalli, nor would he be so committed to making this world a better place, if he didn’t believe with the intensity and commitment that he does.
Because of the dedication he has shown to Manhattan College and to the principles of Lasallian education, it is our pleasure to honor him with the award of Distinguished Lasallian Educator.