Dr. Graham Walker

Distinguished Lasallian Educator 2006-07

Manhattan College is founded upon the Lasallian tradition of excellence in teaching, respect for individual dignity, and commitment to social justice. What better way to honor and celebrate St. John Baptist de La Salle’s vision than to recognize Dr. Graham Walker’s many years of dedicated service to the College and the community at large.
Graham Walker is one of Manhattan College’s very best teachers, always looking for and using innovative techniques and developing ways to provide an informative and stimulating learning environment. He has, in recent years, been involved in such leading edge teaching modalities as distance learning and in creating a series of self-teaching modules for mature students. His special qualities as a pedagogue are not limited to the classroom: He always has time for students, helping them with his and other professors’ assignments, counseling them, and providing an environment that is welcoming to students of all abilities; he never turns a student away. Even if he is not teaching them in class, he is always there for all students.
Graham’s respect for individual dignity is apparent in the way he behaves, not only with the students, but with his peers and other college staff, as well. Whenever someone needs help in any way, his good nature in giving of himself is contagious. No matter how rough things seem to be for a student, a colleague or a friend, he is always ready, with a smile, to help them.
What better example of social justice is one’s commitment to making the world a better place to live? He has so far been on two service trips with campus ministry and social action to Honduras. The trips were exhausting for Graham, but he found them to be very rewarding for himself and for his students.
Graham is also developing a “Green,” or environmentally friendly, curriculum in the mechanical engineering department. This means teaching our students how to design things like heating and air conditioning systems using renewable resources. It means developing technology with minimal impact on our environment. It also means leaving behind a better world for future generations; again, consistent with Lasallian values.
For truly embracing the highest ideals of Manhattan College, Graham Walker has justly earned his designation as Lasallian Educator of the Year.