Dr. Elizabeth M. Kosky

Distinguished Lasallian Educator 1994-95

You have been selected unanimously by our Committee for Lasallian Education, composed of Brothers and previous recipients of the award, as the 1994-1995 Distinguished Lasallian Educator at Manhattan College. Your leadership and inspiration have promoted, cultivated and advanced the educational apostolate and the Lasallian tradition at Manhattan College. For this, we salute you today.
We recognize in you all the qualities that distinguish an educator in the Lasallian tradition. John Baptist de La Salle envisioned the educational enterprise as situated in well-managed schools, conducted "together and by association," as a veritable ministry in the service of the Gospel. We see exemplified in you the same concern for association, effective management, and ministry.
You value education achieved "together and by association," as is evident in your cooperation with your colleagues and your ability to elicit cooperation from them in turn. This sense of association extends beyond your own department to the many college-wide committees on which you serve. Your management skills are evident in your role as Director of the Graduate School of Education as well as Program Advisor for Special Education and Counseling, all contributing to the good management of the College itself. Above all, we recognize in you a true minister of the Gospel in the care and concern you have for the students and the Christian values you model and strive to instill. You are indeed a distinguished educator keeping alive the Lasallian tradition at Manhattan College.
Manhattan gratefully confers upon you the Distinguished Lasallian Educator Award. Manhattan is privileged and honored to have you as the College representative at the Huether Workshop, a national conference for educators from schools associated with the De La Salle Christian Brothers.
In congratulating you on this award, Manhattan is profoundly thankful for the person you are and for all you mean to Manhattan College and its students.