Angelo Pinto

Distinguished Lasallian Staff Member 2008-09

Angelo Pinto started out with working for a cabinet maker as a young man and learned the trade of carpentry. 

He was to go on to owning his own cabinet making business and after many years in the business he sold his business and came to Manhattan College.
He started as the supervisor of carpentry for Manhattan College under Br. John Loehr in December of 1987. 
Over the past 21 years, Angelo has run his shop with his staff of one or two and has kept Manhattan College in great shape.  He ran a tight ship. His most famous quote was, “what do you need?” He is known campus wide as was proven when the Physical Plant Department had a retirement party for him. People from all over the College came to express their gratitude and thanks to him for helping them with problems of broken desks, chairs, bookcase and custom made requests. He always was cheery and ready to go each day. At 79 years old he was unloading trucks. When we told him “he should take it easy”, he would say, “What, somebody has to do it!” He put us youngsters to shame. His energy and love of his job always shone through. 
Angelo finally decided it was time to retire with his lovely wife Nancy whom he called everyday at lunch time and to enjoy his two daughters and grandchildren. Nancy and Angelo bought a new house in Fleichmanns, New York very far upstate in the woods which he loves, so that he can indulge in his favorite hobby of hunting. 
We will all miss Angelo but are happy that he was able to retire and enjoy the best things in life with his loving wife Nancy.