Sesquicentennial Anniversary Celebration 2002-03

Distinguished Lasallian Educators:

Dr. Karen Nicholson

Since coming to Manhattan College in 1994, you have exemplified the qualities that distinguish an educator in the Lasallian tradition. You view your work as an educator of teachers as a vocation worthy of a lifelong commit­ment. You show a caring concern for all your students while calling for the highest academic standards. Your service to the Manhattan College community, especially the School of Education, is exemplary. Furthermore, you have initiated many outreach activities to urban schools that enrich the lives and education of numerous students beyond the college campus. Finally, your leadership as chairperson of the Education Department has resulted in better programs and more competent and caring teachers-in-training. We congratulate you for the person you are and for your commitment to the qualities and values so evident in the life and work of Saint John Baptist de La Salle. We call on Brother Thomas to present you with the award of Distinguished Lasallian Educator.

Dr. Zella Kahn-Jetter

Since arriving at Manhattan in 1988, you have been a pioneer in numerous aspects of academic and professional life on campus. Among your students, you are renowned for the energy you devote to your teaching and for your generosity with your time, encouragement and advice outside the classroom. Particularly noteworthy are your efforts to foster the growth and success of the increasing number of women who have chosen to make engineering their career; for them you serve as mentor and role model. You have been a pioneer in scholarly and pedagogical innovation. Your interdisciplinary research with Dr. Lance Evans of the Biology Department has served as a model for such collegial endeavors. You have been active in the development and implementation of the freshman engi­neering project, regularly incorporate new technology into your teaching, and readily share your ideas and tech­niques with colleagues at professional meetings and less formal occasions. Finally, your energetic participation in a host of service and outreach programs, such as Engineering Awareness Day, Society of Women Engineers, and Accepted Students' Days, testifies to your wholehearted dedication to your students, your profession and Manhattan. For all these accomplishments, but even more for the generous spirit that animates your entire profes­sional life, we are pleased to call Brother Thomas to present you with the award of Distinguished Lasallian Educator.

Professor Alfred Manduley

Your exposure to the vision of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, which dates back to your high school and college years at De La Salle Institute and Manhattan College, has given you a firm understanding and appreciation of the mission of Lasallian schools, which are characterized by a spirit of faith and zeal, qualities that you as a Lasallian educator have always exhibited. Since 1959, you have been an invaluable member of the Manhattan academic community; serving your colleagues and students as teacher, chairman of the Marketing Department, assistant dean of the School of Business, director of the MBA Program, and speaker of the College Senate. You are per­ceived by your colleagues as a model of collegiality and integrity, and by your students as an energetic teacher who respects and cares for them as unique people. In addition to your professional accomplishments, your zeal is reflected in your service to the College Senate and many committees, especially as chair of the Faculty Welfare Committee where you have demonstrated your commitment to social justice and the welfare of colleagues and students alike. Beyond the College, you are actively involved in the life of your community, especially your parish, where you serve as Eucharistic minister and member of the Parish Council. Both near and far, you exemplify the Lasallian hallmarks of faith and zeal, and so we are proud to ask Brother Thomas to recognize you as the Distinguished Lasallian Educator you are.

Dr. William Tramontano

You are considered by colleagues and students as one who personifies the Lasallian tradition: a commitment to quality teaching as a vocation and a dedication to students as individuals, one who assists them to develop their full potential in the "eyes of God." You have set a standard as a scientist par excellence, whose scholarly teaching and research have influenced untold numbers of student biologists. Now, as professionals and scholars themselves, they emulate the splendid example you provided and gratefully testify to your caring guidance in their formative years. Manhattan has also been enriched by your tireless efforts in the pursuit of excellence for the faculty you have led during the years of your chairmanship. That leadership, especially in securing grants for faculty and stu­dent development, has been instrumental in maintaining the strength of the Biology Department. You have also given generously of your time and expertise to countless other important committees and initiatives on campus. In teaching, scholarship, leadership and service, you are a sterling example to all your faculty colleagues, and so we call upon Brother Thomas to present you with the award of Distinguished Lasallian Educator.

Dr. Winsome Downie

We recognize in you the qualities that distinguish an educator in the Lasallian tradition. During your years of service to Manhattan, you have demonstrated your commitment to high standards and excellence in teaching through the development of several core curriculum courses and interdisciplinary programs as well as courses in your own department. Your friendly, warm demeanor and caring concern for students are clearly exhibited in your work as teacher, adviser, mentor and role model. Your service to the College has been exemplary, particularly in your support for minority students. You have been a wonderful mentor to these students, advising them and helping them to form extracurricular organizations. Finally, not only on the college campus, but also in your wider community and church, you have displayed another characteristic of the Lasallian tradition, concern for the poor and disadvantaged, and you continue to work diligently for social justice. For these many achieve­ments and even more for the dedication that you bring to all your educational endeavors, we are proud to call on Brother Thomas to present you with the award of Distinguished Lasallian Educator.