Brothers' Profiles

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Br. Charles Barbush, FSC

Mentor Program Coordinator

Lasallian Scholars Coordinator


Br. Robert Berger, FSC

Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Resident Director, Jasper Hall

Br. George Berrian, FSC

Associate Professor Emeritus of Education



Br. Francis Bowers, FSC

Associate Professor Emeritus of English

Special Academic Advisor
School of Arts





Br. Kenneth Fitzgerald, FSC

Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Computer Science

Volunteer tutor in Mathematics

Br. Patrick Horner, FSC

Professor of English

Br. Leslie Luker, F.S.C.



Br. Raymond Meagher, FSC

Assistant Professor of Education

Br. John A Muller, FSC

Associate Professor Emeritus of Government

Br. Timothy Murphy, FSC

Director of the Christian Brothers Center



Br. Augustine Nicoletti, FSC

Chair Department of Education

Associate Professor of Education


Br. Thomas O’Connor, FSC

Public Service Librarian

Associate Librarian

(Academic Rank)


Br. Michael Sevastakis, FSC




Br. Thomas Scanlan, FSC

Former President of Manhattan College

Br. David Trichtinger, FSC

Counselor and Academic Advisor to Athletes


Br. David Van Hollebeke, FSC

Retired, Speaker on Financial Aid and Admissions

Br. James Wallace, FSC

Vice President