Br. George Berrian, FSC

Br. George Berrian, FSC

Associate Professor Emeritus of Education

Br. George was born in the Bronx, NY. He came to Manhattan College in 1957. Br. George was the principal and director of Manhattan Prep when it closed in 1971. After the closing of the school, he moved into administration at the College where he served as director of the graduate division and later, as dean of the school of education. He is now retired. Br. George keeps in close contact with his two brothers and their families and continues to stay in touch with a number of Prep and College alumni.

Educational Background:

  • Attended The Catholic University of America, 1944-47 (Because of WWII, the class did not graduate in the usual four years.)
  • B.A. English, Manhattan College, 1950
  • M.A. History, Manhattan College, 1958
  • Other Graduate courses: Fordham - English and social sciences; NYU - Psychology, Sociology
  • Ed.D. Administration: College and University, Columbia University, 1975,

Areas of Expertise:
Teaching, administration, athletics, editing/professional writing

On becoming a Brother: 
I attended St. Jeromes School and graduated in 1939. I was closely tied with the young Brothers at the parish school their teaching, example, and post-school athletic activities inspired me. Br. Joseph May, Br. Benedict Valentine, and Br. Stephen O'Hara were important influences on my decision to join the Brothers.

Brothers who have been mentors or inspirations to you:
Br. Gregory Nuggent was a mentor to me. He actively guided my graduate studies. Br. Christopher Dardis also guided my way through the education department years.

Which of your assignments had the most impact on your life as a Brother?
Manhattan College

On his greatest contributions to the College:
Besides teaching and administering, I was involved in many activities: Middle States Evaluation, Tenure and Promotion, and many committees, and programs.

On the future of the College:
I am cautiously optimistic relating especially to the decline in the numbers of FSC's

On Manhattan Prep:
Despite our thoroughly exhaustive efforts and the support of the College, the District Council voted to close the Prep in 1971.

Career at Manhattan:

  • Teacher, Manhattan Prep, 1953-57
  • Principal and Director of Manhattan Prep, 1962-71
  • Director of the Graduate Division, 1969-71
  • Dean of the School of Education, 1986-89

While at Manhattan, Br. George served on the board of directors at the Methodist Home for the Aged (1991-2003), and the board of directors of De La Salle Hall in New Jersey (1992-2005). He was also a part of the N.Y. District Team Evaluation of Administrators and served on the College Entrance Examination Board (1963-1966). Prior to that, Br. George spent about ten years teaching in high schools in the New York and New Jersey area.